The Advantages of Selling or Trading your Car to Village Subaru

Are you trying to sell your vehicle in Natick or the surrounding areas? If you're trying to do it yourself, you could end up paying more money in the long run. How? We're glad you asked. Here are a few advantages of trading or selling your vehicle to Village Subaru.

Tax Advantages

Most states require sales taxes to be paid on your vehicle. The sales tax for Massachusetts is 6.25 percent. So, if you sell your car for $12,000, that means you'll have to cough up $750 after the transaction.

Don't you want to keep ALL the money for your car?

If you bring your vehicle to our dealership, the sales tax is eliminated. That means you'll be able to pocket that extra cash instead of giving it away.

You Can Use it as a Down-Payment for your Next Car

For our customers in Acton, one of the greatest feelings in the world is when you get something for free. Technically, you won't ride off the lot in your new, used, or Certified Pre-Owned car for free, but it will feel like you did.

Your car will be as good as cash to us. We'll use our Kelly Blue Book® value as a base amount for your car. In most cases, your trade-in will cover any down-payment needed for your new or used car-and maybe a little more!

With us, your trade-in could potentially lower your monthly payments by a couple of hundred bucks.


The Process Doesn't Get Any Easier

It's straightforward. You can get an estimated cash value for your car with our Kelley Blue Book® form, so you'll have a ballpark figure of what to expect. After that, you contact us to make an appointment, make a short trip from Belmont to fill out a few papers, and then voila. It's done.

That vehicle is off your hands, and you'll go back to Boston with more money or a new or used car. It's a win-win for you. Use your vehicle to your advantage with Village Subaru and keep more money in your pocket. It's the easiest way to get the job done.