Thank you for visting our website. Buying a New Car should be an enjoyable experience, however as consumers we are always uncertain about how much we should pay for a car or how much our old car is worth for a trade in. Village Subaru is hoping that we can provide a clear path for consumers to follow to relieve the uncertainty of the car buying experience. We would like to make the sale process as transparent as possible for every consumer in the hope of making you a life long customer.WE WANT THE CUSTOMER TO CONTROL THE SALES PROCESS!
Selecting your New Car! Selection of the right car for your needs is the most important part of the process. using our website as well as,, Kelly Blue Book ( as well as magazine and newspaper articles should point you in the right direction of what Make or Model you should consider.
Pricing Your New Car! Technology and the internet has allowed consumers to find out Manufacturers Costs and Pricing. Village Subaru welcomes customers who have researched our costs and want to buy the car at a fair price. Again is a fairly accurate source to gather pricing information on New vehicles of every make. We believe consumers want a dealer to be profitable, however they don't want to overpay. We will break down the price in a transparent way to earn your business.
Pricing Your Pre-Owned or Certified Pre-Owned Car (CPO)! The Pre-Owned Pricing can be found on websites like Kelly Blue Book. Using this website consumers can find out what a retail price, a private party sale price as well as a CPO price should be on any of the Pre-Owned Cars on our website. Another way to research our Pre-Owned Pricing is to compare like vehicles for sale on websites like and
Your Trade-In Value! Kelly Blue Book and Edmunds are both good sources to determine your trade in value. By entering in your old cars information and your zip code these two sources can give you a bench mark of what you should expect to get for a Trade-In Allowance towards the purchase of any of our vehicles.
FAQ: Is the Invoice Price I get from 3rd Party Websites Accurate? YES! Generally speaking New Car Invoice Pricing from independent websites are accurate. However, consumers must be sure to account for the exact model, optional equipment and Freight and Destination Charges. Also Village Subaru and all New England Subaru Dealers are part of a Distributorship called Subaru of New England. Because of this relationship our Invoice is sometimes a little more than other parts of the country. Ironically, although New England Dealers might pay slightly more than the rest of the country we generally sell to the public for less because of the volume of Subarus shipped into this region. Village Subaru sells New Subarus every month outside of the 6 New England States!

FAQ: Can I have my car appraised using this website?
YES! We will need the Year, Make, Model, Vehicle Identification Number [VIN], Color and condition description (Above Average, Average or Below Average Condition) of your old car. We will research and run different Market reports to give you a Trade-In Value benchmark to work with subject to a final physical appraisal.

FAQ: Can I get an exact price on any car on your website?
YES! If you know the exact vehicle and options you want, or better yet if you give us the Stock number or Last 8 numbers of the vehicle identification number of the car you want we will give you the exact price and all taxes and fees for a complete out the door price!

FAQ: If I get a lower price from another dealer will you match or beat it?
YES! However, beware that not all Dealers are using Village Subaru's Full Disclosure Transparent Pricing. Unfortunately we loose several customers every month who go to another dealer with what they think is a lower price, only to find out that something was left out of the dealers Internet offer or that their Old Car was over appraised. Again, Village Subaru does not expect our customers to pay more to us.

FAQ: Is your Inventory online accurate?
YES! However, inventory is constantly coming in, being sold, or traded. Some of the New Cars that do not have a Stock number are in transit and can be pre-sold. We will confirm the status of any car you select. Also, 50% of all New Subarus sold in New England are Dealer Swaps. No dealer is able to keep every color, every model, every style of Subaru in stock so Dealers will swap inventory to fill customer orders. Generally speaking dealers prefer to sell out of stock, however if we are able to swap in the car you want within a reasonable timeframe and area we would not charge extra for this service.

FAQ: Can I get Finance options and payments using this website?
YES! At your request we will give you Finance Options or Lease Terms for any vehicle you select. We will base these payments on Tier 1 Credit approval (above average credit rating). All Finance and Lease Quotes will be subject to final credit approval, however you do not need excellent credit to Finance or Lease your car with us. We work with several lenders to get you a competitive rate and terms based on your own credit history, we also have Subprime financing available for those customers that may require it.

FAQ: Can I get all the information via email?
Yes! Although because of the amount of email request we get we sometimes like to call to confirm the information we received is accurate it is our goal to let the Consumer be In Control of the Sales Process. We find with a quick phone call we can confirm all the information we received is accurate and we then will put our best offer in writing via email or fax if you desire.

FAQ: When I decide to come in will I have to go through a Sales Pitch?
NO! If you are comfortable with your selection and decision to buy one of our cars simply come in, explain to the Salesperson you have made a deal using our website and they will proceed to complete the process and set up the delivery time for your new car, or we can have it ready when you get here! YOU ARE IN CONTROL! If you want a complete product demonstration, test drive, or just want to drive away in your new car let us know and we will make it happen!

FAQ: How do I start?
Simply fill out the Contact information and let us know what you want us to do YOU ARE IN CONTROL!Give us the exact model and options you are looking for or better yet if you see a car on our website give us the Stock Number or last 8 numbers of the Vehicle Identification Number [VIN] (if you see the car you want but you want a different color give us the stock number and let us know your color choices)

Conclusion: Village Subaru is determined to take away the stress of the Car Buying Experience. We realize that consumers can shop anywhere using the internet and we want our process of Letting the Customer Take Control be a reason to buy from our Dealership over another. Long after you forget what you paid for your new car, Village Subaru will be here to take care of all you vehicles needs with our award winning Service Department and highly qualified and professional staff. We hope you will see the value in our service and commitment to make all of our customers lifelong customers.


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