Buy Online with Village Subaru for a New Sense of Convenience and Ease

At Village Subaru, we are proud to offer an alternative to buying in person that will change your buying experience for the better. Instead of spending the better part of a day buying your vehicle at a dealership, we allow you to complete the car-buying process from the comfort of your home. By following intuitive steps, you can enjoy a quick, ease, and highly satisfying buying experience.

Find out why buying online may be right for you.

How to Buy Online

Our digital retailing tool is integrated with our online inventory, making it possible to buy your vehicle directly from our inventory pages. The digital retailing tool allows for a safe, transparent, and completely reliable way to buy your next car. You can complete everything from calculating your monthly payments to scheduling a test drive by using our digital retailing tool.

The steps to buying your next vehicle through digital retailing include these steps:

1. Calculate Your Payments

After you have found the perfect vehicle, you can start to calculate your payments on the vehicle details page. You can choose between financing and leasing to discover the best payment option that suits your budget and lifestyle. You can also select the term and down payment amount to home-in on the monthly payments that make the most sense for you.

The estimated monthly calculator will update in real-time to reflect your decisions.

2. Value Your Trade-In

The Kelley Blue Book trade-in value tool is integrated with digital retailing so that you can discover the objective value of your trade-in based on marketplace data.

3. Apply for Credit

By using our online credit application, you can discover your loan amount and add it to your purchase. Our finance team will work with you to find competitive rates and affordable financing.

4. Schedule a Test Drive and Delivery

Once you are ready to move forward, you can have the vehicle delivered to you for a test drive, and when you complete your purchase. This way, you can buy a car online without coming into contact with anyone.

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