Subaru WRX Delivers Exciting Performance in a Practical Package

For many driving enthusiasts near Acton or Belmont, buying a performance car means choosing dynamics over convenience. But that's not always the case. You can the exciting power and handling that you crave along with four-door convenience with the new Subaru WRX.

At a glance, the WRX looks a lot like any other Subaru. Subtle, yet handsome styling is matched by practical design and sensible features. Under the surface, however, it's a different story.

Subaru has designed the new WRX with all sorts of performance features.

Turbocharged BOXER Engine: Every new Subaru comes with a BOXER engine, but the WRX has a special one. It uses direct injection and turbocharging to get more power -- 268 horsepower to be exact. It also offers a hefty helping of torque with 258 pound-feet.

Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive: This all-wheel drive system is Subaru's way to providing excellent grip and handling in nearly all of its models. It's put to great use in the WRX as well, helping reign in the turbocharged power coming from the engine bay.

Manual Transmission: Auto enthusiasts near Acton and Boston are notorious for their typical affinity for three-pedal driving. The new WRX accommodates that preference with its standard six-speed manual transmission.

Steering and Handling: The WRX uses a quick-ratio power steering system to provide direct driver control. Additionally, aluminum front lower control arms and torque vectoring aim to keep handling direct and precise.

WRX STI Upgrades: The WRX STI is an even more focused performance machine with 310 horsepower, track-tuned suspension components, and Brembo brakes.

Come visit Village Subaru to test drive a new WRX today!

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