What is Subaru EyeSight®?

Our favorite Japanese automaker offers some truly exceptional safety features in their vehicles, not least of all being the traction and control of their Subaru Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive coming standard in every model except the BRZ. However, today we'd like to talk about Subaru EyeSight® and what it can do to make your daily drives safer than ever.

Subaru EyeSight® is, when put simply, a camera and radar system that watches the road ahead of you for danger. EyeSight® will monitor traffic movement, optimize your cruise control speed and distance from other vehicles, warns you when you're leaving your lane, and can even apply full braking force if you have Pre-Collision Braking equipped on your vehicle. It's an excellent safety system and we can't recommend it enough!



If you have any more questions about the EyeSight® technology, or there's a new Subaru model that's caught your attention, come out to see us here in Acton, MA today.

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