Share the Love: Make a Donation with Your Subaru Dealership

The holiday season is, for many people, a time for giving. It brings out the best, inspiring charity and generosity in people of all stripes. At Village Subaru, we want to do our part to help. That's we're proud to be a part of the Share the Love event.

Since it began in 2008, Share the Love has helped charities raise more than $94 million in donations. With the help of dealerships like Village Subaru, the initiative is on track to bump that total up to a whopping $115 million this year. If you buy a Subaru during our ongoing Share the Love event, you'll be able direct $250 to a charity of your choice.

While you're free to make your own decision about whom to support, Village Subaru would ask you to consider Joslin Diabetes Center as the recipient of your generosity. Our team has partnered with them in hopes of promoting the good work they do and encouraging more people to donate to their High Hopes Fund. We are strong supporters of their goal of preventing, treating, and curing diabetes.

If you've purchased a Subaru car recently and want to direct your donation, visit our Share the Love page for more information. The option to make a donation will remain open until January 31st, 2018. If you want to learn more or are interested in learning what new cars we have in stock, drop us a line. The staff at Village Subaru in Acton, MA is always happy to help with all of our customer's vehicle needs.

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